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By Coach Jayden aka “MLC Visual Storyteller”


MLC Aquatic had an outstanding National Age Championships with the Club finishing 4th placed National Club (a record finish)!  Gabi Peiniger, Noah Millard and Coach Nick Veliades were also all selected to represent Australia on the Australian Junior World team competing in Budapest in August 2019. 


From the team of 31 that travelled to Adelaide:

70 PB’s (127 swims)

21 out of the 31 swimmers contributed to the total point score

32 individual top 10s from 10 swimmers

15 medals – 9 individual, 6 relay teams

15 medalists – 4 individual and 11 relay swimmers

Compared to 2018 – 12 medals and 6th Club overall

Compared to 2017 – 8 medals and 7th Club overall

The relay team results are especially pleasing and show the great depth the Club has.


Here is the visual story day by day:


2019 Australian Age Championships Day 1

Our record team of 31 strong swimmers trickled in over the weekend ready for an exciting week of racing at this year’s National Champs. This morning everyone came together for Session number one, and after blowing out a few cobwebs, we hit the ground running.

The team finished the day with 13 PB’s in total, 5 individual finals, and 4 relay teams finishing in the top 10.

Results from tonight:

Dominic Tsui - 7th 200 IM
Olivia Nguyen - 10th 200 back
Gabi Peiniger - 4th 100 free
Olivia Lefoe - 9th 100 free
Noah Millard - 5th 100 free
Boys 14/15 A - 7th 4x50 medley
Girls 15/16 B - 10th 4x50 free
Girls 15/16 A - 3rd 4x50 free
Boys 16/17 A - 5th 4x50 free

Big congratulations to our team of girls snagging our first medal for the week! Good start to the week, here’s to a fantastic meet!

2019 Australian Age Championships Day 2

With the reintroduction of the point score system this year, nationals once again has a huge team aspect to it. We swim more than just for ourselves - we swim to show how strong we are together. At the end of Day 1 MLC sits in 7th place overall.

Day 2 was a very successful day for the team all up. 15 PB’s for the day from about the same number of swims as Day 1, with 6 individual finals on top of 4 relays.

From these swims, MLC came away with a staggering 5 medals for the night - 3 individuals and 2 relays. Congratulations to the big man Noah Millard taking home 3 medals for the night, and Beth Dalgleish for her gutsy 200 fly to earn her first medal in this event. As amazing as the individual swims were, the standout for the night was certainly the relays.

The girls 4x100 free relay led off with Gabi, who dominated from start to finish, out-stripping the field on her incredible skills. Gabi touched in a 55.86, a PB from a double PB the previous day, and swimming the qualifying time for Junior World Championships! Liv, Alice, and Domi who put together aggressive races in their own right to bring home the team, and showed the depth we have as a club.

The boys 4x100 capped off the night in the best way possible. Noah was the lead off, with Ethan, Billy, and Tom rounding out the team. All four boys swam out of their skins, with monster times all round. But the swim of the team goes to Billy, who scared the pants off everyone there with his 0.01 relay changeover. Billy put it to good use though, touching the wall with 52.0.

Results for the night:

Noah Millard - 400 free BRONZE
Gabi Peiniger - 50 free 5th
Olivia Lefoe - 50 free 5th
Noah Millard - 50 free SILVER
Beth Dalgleish - 200 fly BRONZE
Hamish Bowden - 200 fly 7th
Girls 4x100 free - SILVER
BOYS 4x100 free - SILVER

Four days to go! Keep an eye on the point scores after last night. Let’s get the whole team around it and make this MLC’s best year yet!

2019 Australian Age Championships Day 3

MLC entered Day 3 sitting in 4th position on the point score; the highest we’ve been in recent memory. This lit a fire in the team - we have a goal to chase.

Day 3 was a quiet morning in the pool with a few good swims, and unfortunately a couple of great swims that were just outside of cracking into the top 10. We finished the day with 9 PB’s and 7 top 10 swims.

Gabi and Liv got the ball rolling in the finals session, finishing 4th and 5th respectively, both swimming under the qualifying time for Junior World Championships. Noah, Tom I, and Riley (in his first ever National final) rounded off our individual swims for the evening, contributing to a big point scoring night.

For anyone here in Adelaide, or back home watching the livestream, the highlight of the night was once again our superstar relay teams. The girls 4x200 began with Gabi dropping a bomb, splitting 2:00.22, dominating the field and giving us an early lead. Liv, Alice, and Beth followed, all swimming highly aggressive races the whole way and putting some real pressure on the “untouchable” St Peter’s girls. Our girls finished with a silver medal each and a lot of confidence going into their individual swims today.

The boys 4x200 may very well be the race of the meet. The coaches made a bit of a judgement call and changed around the team order going into the swim, surprising a few other teams with our strategy. Billy led off, swimming over a second under his PB and putting the team well and truly in the mix. Jake and Ethan stepped up in the middle legs, both swimming under their PB’s. Ethan, after doubting his abilities, dropped a 3 second PB to keep us in the running. Then the big man jumped in. Noah was under instructions to look for the coaches before he dove up, to make a call on what he needed to do. When he jumped on the block the instructions were clear - go. Noah dove in 6th, 15 metres behind the leader. At 50 he was 5th, at the 100 he was 4th. Then the legs came in, and we knew it was game over. Noah crushed the boys on the other side of the pool who must have thought they were safe - the other club’s coaches and cheer squads certainly thought so. But we knew different. Noah touched the wall with a full body on second place, finishing with a 1:49.95. The team earned themselves a gold medal and an Australian Record on top of that.

Keep an eye on the point score after last night. We’re over the hump now, half way through the meet. We’ve still got some big days ahead of us, so stay tuned!

2019 Australian Age Championships Day 4

Day 4 was the calm before the storm - our smallest day on pool deck before our huge last two days. 6 PB’s for the day and 7 top 10 finishes.

MLC held onto 4th position on the overall point score after the half way point of the meet, pulling slightly ahead of Knox Pymble. We’ve been down on pool deck calculating point scores all week and the team is fired up. We can see the line, and we’ll fight to hold our position.

Our individual swims for the highlight of the finals session last night. 5 individual swims, 3 silver medals, and 3 swims under qualifying times for Junior Worlds. Gabi and Noah gave as an early start with their 200 frees, both racing hard and bringing it home in the last 50 to touch out the competition. Kizza brought up the rear with her 1500 at the end of the night. Kizza battles it out with 4 other girls putting pressure on her for the first 800, but she broke them soon after and just kept going.

Our relays for the night weren’t quite as strong as previous nights, but they provided entertainment nonetheless. A big thanks to Billy for the much needed laugh. It just goes to show no matter how much experience you have, you still need to make sure you swim the right stroke...especially in a relay in a national final.

Full individual results:
Gabi - 200 free SILVER
Liv Lefoe - 200 free 10th
Noah - 200 free SILVER
Liv Nguyen - 100 back 10th
Kirralee - 1500 SILVER

Two days to go. Home stretch. Here’s to a strong finish!

2019 Australian Age Championships Day 5

We’re coming down to the end of the week, and what a week it’s been. A bit of a roller coaster all the way through but emotions are running high and the team is as strong as ever. Everyone is exhausted, but we’re gearing up for a strong finish!

Leading into Day 5 MLC maintains 4th position on the overall point score. Knox closed the gap slightly so we knew we needed a big last couple of days.

It was a big morning in the pool, but we struggled to convert swims into finals. 15 PB’s in the morning was a great show but we had a few just miss that top 10 finish. We went into finals with 4 individual swims and 5 relay teams.

Day 5 was all about the Gabi show. 2 swims, 4 PB’s, 2 gold medals, and 2 swims under qualifying times for Junior Worlds. Gabi dominated the field with her unbelievable race skills underwater, breaking the competition early and winning both races by over a body length.

It was a shot at redemption for our younger relay boys, who last year missed a medal in the 4x50 free by 0.04 seconds. All four boys stepped up and nailed their races, finishing with a total time 5 seconds faster than last year, and a silver medal round each of their necks.

Full results:

Gabi Peiniger - GOLD 100 fly
Liv lefoe - 10th 100 fly
Dominic Tsui - 8th 400 IM
Gabi Peiniger - GOLD 200 IM
Boys 4x50 free - SILVER

2019 Australian Age Championships Day 6 and final Wrap-up

MLC went into the final day of competition on a high. We finished day 5 in 4th place and with a strong last day, we were fired up and excited to hold our position.

The highlight of the session was the spectacular show by Beth Dalgleish. Beth finished the meet with the 100 fly, her main event. A strong performance in the morning placed her in 2nd place for the final, where she battled it out with two other Victorians. A hard fought race saw Beth finish with a huge Pb and a silver medal, 0.04 behind the gold, and 0.02 in front of bronze, both also won by Victorians.

Day 6 results:

Liv Lefoe - 200 back 5th
Noah Millard - 200 back 4th
Beth Dalgleish - 100 fly SILVER
Hamish Bowden - 100 fly 7th


When the night came to an end MLC finished the meet with 32 individual top 10’s, 15 medals, and 4th position - our most successful nationals ever. To top it all off, Noah Millard, Gabi Peiniger, and head coach Nick Veliades were selected for the Junior World Championships team in Hungary later this year.


A big thanks goes to everyone involved in making the week so successful - coaches Nick and Bobby, team physio Dora, team managers Deb Patterson and Sharon Shepherd, parents and of course swimmers.  This is such a fantastic team to be a part of and I can't wait to see what the next season holds.



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