MLC Aquatic Club Uniform

MLC Aquatic, Sat Jun 2, 2018

MLC Aquatic Club Uniform

The club uniform is available for viewing and trying on at Clothing Shop, on the MLC Pool on the first Saturday morning each month from 8.30 to 9.00am.  Uniform is paid for, and can be purchased via the Club Uniform online shop - Click here to enter.

The process is as follows:

  1. The swimmer can try on items at the Clothing shop on pool deck during its opening hours (see above).
  2. Immediate purchases can be made at the Clothing shop if a parent has a web enabled device with them.  If payment for items is made via the Club Uniform Online Shop  on the spot, the items can then be taken immediately.
  3. Alternatively, ordering can be done on line via the Club Uniform Online Shop later.  Purchases are packaged up and given to the relevant coach when payment is received.  The online ordering allows choice of items and sizes.

Essential uniform:

  • Club T-shirt (black with silver and green 2XU)
  • Club swim cap (black with green MLC Aquatic writing)
  • Either Club or black or black tracksuit pants


Additionally, swimmers are required to wear one of the club outer-wear pieces at competitions - this could be either the Hoodie, Soft shell jacket or Nationals Jacket (for qualified swimmers).

Also available:

  • Hoodie, black
  • Soft shell jacket, black
  • Long sleeved T-shirt, white

Competition Bathers/RacingSuits:

These are not available from MLC Aquatic, but may be purchased from suppliers such as our sponsors, Aqua Shop. Aqua Shop have an excellent fitting service for competition bathers.


 Club Cap   

White Long Sleeved Polo Front  

White Long Sleeved Polo Back

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