MLC Aquatic District Squad

District Squad swimmers have the ability to train 1-3 sessions per week.  Swimmers are generally aged 11 years & older.  There are no obligations to compete or to join the MLC Aquatic Swimming Club but swimmers are encouraged to do so.


Coach Contact Information

Email -

Ph. 03 9274 6328



Swimmers in District Squad are encouraged to purchase their own equipment.  The following equipment will be used in District Squad - Short blade fins, pull buoy, kickboard.


Contact / Communication

It is important for the coach, swimmers and parents to be in constant communication about the squad and swimmers goals and progress.  If there are any concerns in regards to training & competition please speak to your coach.  For billing matters please contact Carol Osborn on +61 3 9274 6328 or


Squad Fees

For information about the squad billing rates, dates and procedures, please click here.

For billing matters, please contact Carol Osborn (MLC Aquatics Program Manager) on +61 3 9274 6328 or


Training Schedule

Refer to the Training Schedules on this website.